What Is Cloud Computing?

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Solving the Mystery of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is quickly gaining a lot of ground in the current technological era. For example, large companies like Facebook and Google have already taken their operations to the cloud.

And in light of this growing trend, it is important to know what cloud computing entails for your business and why it is growing so fast in popularity.

Basically, the Internet is evolving and having said this, it is important to understand where it’s going to take us next. The following information gives you helpful insight into what cloud computing is.

The Definition of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is simply the assignment of a wide array of applications to a designated or group of servers that are outside your local IT resources. These resources are able to handle all [or some] of your software, hardware and any other applications needs that are necessary to run your company or business.

In the cloud, companies are able to store data, files, images and other types of documents. Process large jobs requiring powerful processors, and use email and other software services. Complex database applications will also be accessible in the cloud.

In other words, it can be defined as a one-stop shop for all your business computing needs, without having to run heavy applications on costly equipment in local data centers.

Emergence of Cloud Service Companies

Numerous specialized companies have popped up to provide this service to both companies and individuals with thousands of servers ready for use.

Cloud computing comes with many benefits and the obvious one is convenience and efficiency.

Already many cloud computing companies have invested heavily to make sure they satisfy the needs of their clients.

Using cloud technology is simple and many people have already used these services, with or without their knowledge.

For example, if you have an email account with Yahoo or Gmail, you are using cloud computing because their software is hosted in their own cloud.

Cloud computing is definitely a revolution is helpful and it’s getting easy to implement.

A cloud computing service or network may be complex but that’s the magic that happens behind the scene.

What going on in a cloud service:

  • The cloud computing system is made up of the front end and the back end.
  • The front end is the interface that the client or the user will see when they are accessing information or data from the cloud.
  • The back end is composed of various programs and applications which are stored in a dedicated server.
  • Some clients can choose to get services of a private or public cloud.
  • Some will go for a hybrid cloud. This basically means data or application are stores privately and publicly.
  • There are certain vital protocols that the system follows to deliver the right results.
  • Additionally, the software used in the cloud is special and it is referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular as a service.


The companies that provide cloud services must have enterprise processes and SLAs. And it’s essential that client data is always protected and backed up.

Leveraging the cloud is already becoming essential for businesses who want to save money while retaining a seamless flow of work in their organizations without building their own costly data centers.

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