The King of Value for VPS? (Contabo Review & Benchmarks)


Now…If you’re looking for the The King of Value for VPS? (Contabo Review & Benchmarks) video, you’ve found it. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn secrets from the smartest engineers…

The King of Value for VPS? (Contabo Review & Benchmarks)

The King of Value for VPS? (Contabo Review & Benchmarks)

If you’re looking for a good value VPS hosting provider, then maybe check out Contabo. They have some of the best prices in the market considering the resources you get for the price. Check their plans here ➡️

We found that while the RAM and CPU and transfer allowances are excellent, it doesn’t quite have the sheer network speed that you’d get from Vultr High Frequency, or Digital Ocean premium droplets. I’d still recommend Vultr high frequency if you are after pure performance per $, you can get a free Vultr trial here too:

However, if you just need the highest amount of server resources to host many websites or other resource hungry applications (file sharing, game servers, video hosting) then Contabo maybe just perfect for you.

For the full server setup method, we use this tutorial as a guide here:

The install command for Cyberpanel is given here:

Here is the blog I referenced re: CPU endurance:

For more WordPress tips and tutorials check out our blog:

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0:00 Contabo Review Intro
1:10 Contabo Setup
9:00 Google PageSpeed
10:03 Sysbench Benchmarks
11:27 Network Speed
12:52 load testing
14:18 vCPU Endurance
16:19 Lots of RAM
17:25 Uptime
18:13 Conclusions on Contabo

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