Exclusive Cloud Club: Your Real Reason For Migrating to The Cloud?

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Photo Credit: Tim Geers via Compfight cc

FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS I have been involved in multiple projects related to migrating to the cloud. In the beginning, I admit, I thought it was really cool. But as I learned more about the complexity and true motives behind all the rigor that is spent analyzing and actually getting to the cloud, I have to say it is more of a decision to be able to say you are part of the exclusive cloud club, similar to being able to say you are part of the mile high club, that drives this.

Granted, the cloud offers a lot of advantages to the business starting off without any internal infrastructure. But for a mature business with millions already invested in data centers; I must ask, why drag your people through the exercise only to say you are in the cloud?

Here’s a secret in case you don’t already know. Having a private cloud counts for saying you are in the cloud. So whether it is VMware or OpenStack, you can say to your board of directors and stockholders, “we are in the cloud.”

Technically all you really need is 2 ESXi or Xen hosts that are configured with high availability and that can share resources to say it is a cloud. So before you mandate something that will likely cause major disruption to your teams and business, please find out if you already have a cloud, and whether you just need to think smarter instead of following the crowd…

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