How to learn Azure for free

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How to learn Azure for free

How to learn Azure for free

HOW TO LEARN AZURE FOR FREE – Everybody starts with the same level of Azure knowledge: zero. The aspiring Azure Administrator however doesn’t stay that way. Through resources like Microsoft Learn, Hands-on Labs, and something about a mysterious mansion you can get a good push-start on learning Azure. Best part, there is a lot of it made available to you for free! (This channel included).

In this episode of KnowOps, Dana introduces his go-to learning resources for aspiring and experienced Azure admins alike. Turns out, it’s suspiciously like learning to ride a bike.

Here are the learning resources mentioned in the video:
-Microsoft Learn:
-Azure Mystery Mansion:
-Azure Architecture Center:
-Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework:
-Azure Migration Center:
-Azure Quickstart Templates:
-Azure HandsOn Labs:
-Microsoft Hands-on Labs:
-Azure Hands-on Labs | Self-paced:
-Sign up for free Azure trial:
-Microsoft Cloud Digital Series: (search for Cloud Fundamentals)
-Azure Spending Limits:

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