DigitalOcean – Cloud Server Setup 2021 [Updated]

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DigitalOcean - Cloud Server Setup 2021 [Updated]

DigitalOcean – Cloud Server Setup 2021 [Updated]

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How to use SSH with key on Windows:
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00:00 Welcome
00:02 Introduction
00:24 What is a cloud server?
01:22 What is an unmanaged cloud server?
01:56 What is a managed cloud server?
03:44 DigitalOcean products
07:07 DigitalOcean blogs
07:22 Login to DigitalOcean
07:59 DigitalOcean portal introduction
09:39 Container registry
12:21 Create new project
13:06 Create new droplet/server
14:04 DigitalOcean plans
16:29 DigitalOcean datacenters
17:13 How to login in DigitalOcean servers using an SSH key?
18:42 How to generate a new SSH key?
19:37 Add SSH key to a droplet in DigitalOcean
22:01 Connet to DigitalOcean server using SSH
23:30 DigitlOcean droplet detail
25:03 Introduction to DigitalOcean managed server

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