Did you know this about Virtual Machines (VMs)? Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 11, macOS?


Now…If you’re searching for the Did you know this about Virtual Machines (VMs)? Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 11, macOS? video, then you’ve stumbled into the right place. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn tips from the smartest engineers…

Did you know this about Virtual Machines (VMs)? Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 11, macOS?

Did you know this about Virtual Machines (VMs)? Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 11, macOS?

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Doesn’t matter if you want to be an Ethical hacker, or developer, or a network engineer, or work with AI, or computer science…. virtualization is a core skill in Information Technology – and you need to learn this.

Learning about Virtual Machines, Type 1 and Type 2 Hypervisors and basic virtualization can really change your life. This is a core skill.

// MENU //
00:00 – You NEED to Learn Virtualization!
00:32 – What This Video Covers
00:40 – Before Virtualization & Benefits
02:04 – Type 2 Hypervisor Demo//VMWare Fusion
03:14 – Multiple OS Instances
03:35 – Suspend//Save OS State to Disk
04:04 – Windows 11 vs 98 Resoure Usage
04:26 – Connecting VMs to Each Other
05:49 – Running Multiple OSs at Once
06:42 – Cisco CSR Router//Virtualizing Network Devices
07:51 – Learning Networking//Physical vs Virtual
08:04 – Virtual Machine Snapshots
08:59 – Inception//Nested Virtualization
10:15 – Benefit of Snapshots
10:47 – Type 2 Hypervisor Disadvantages
11:03 – Type 1 Hypervisors
12:04 – Hosting OSs in the Cloud
12:47 – Linode//Try It For Yourself!
13:03 – Setting Up a VM in Linode
14:13 – SSH into Linode VM
15:07 – Cisco Modeling Labs//Simulating Networks
16:56 – Which Hypervisor to Use//for Windows
18:31 – Which Hypervisor to Use//for Mac
19:25 – Which Hypervisor Do You Use?//Leave a Comment!

// Videos mentioned //
Kali in the cloud (Linode): https://youtu.be/TuIsHKUkI0g
How to Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox using Windows 10: https://youtu.be/5sa0acU4pmY
Ubuntu 20.04 install: Windows 10 using VMware Player: https://youtu.be/B1tCRwkFmnA
Minecraft hacking with PYTHON and Log4j // Netcat reverse shell exploiting CVE: https://youtu.be/efnluUK_w_U

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