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Devops online Training at bigclasses

Devops online Training at bigclasses

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What is DevOps?
DevOps development practice is the synchronization of Development and System Operations to efficiently develop and deploy software through seamless communication, integration, collaboration, and automation. Automation and Monitoring are the two main criteria of DevOps. it improves business efficiencies by reducing time taken to make system level changes and setting these changes into production that is of high quality.

About BigClasses:

We provide excellent services to our students. You can learn your course with Live Online Training, Video-Based Learning, and LMS. You can join our online training session with your corporate team, and highlight your resume with our Corporate learning. We even provide project support to any employees in need.

About BigClasses DevOps Training
This course will give you real world project based training on DevOps tools to fully certify you as a DevOps professional. It includes the best principles of AWS Devops course which is the current industry gold standard.

It spans 45 hours of live interactive sessions. Our practical courses help you to master various Operations and Development within an organization to make the lifecycle of an application faster and more predictable for both Developers and Operations team. It is focused on developing job ready DevOps practitioners.

During this training, you will learn the full gamut of best practices from development, testing, and configuration management to continuous deployment, and monitoring throughout the development life cycle of the software. If you are wondering how to learn DevOps, this course will have ample focus on tools based on the Devops course best practices.

Our course modules will train you in communicating, collaborating and automating key processes and systems in a development cycle to develop faster and robust software solutions. By the end of this course, you will gain proficiency in using tools like Jenkins, Dockers, Puppet, Ansible and more.

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