Contabo vs DigitalOcean – Digital Ocean VS Contabo


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Contabo vs DigitalOcean - Digital Ocean VS Contabo

Contabo vs DigitalOcean – Digital Ocean VS Contabo

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This video will compare Digital Ocean VS Contabo. In this Contabo VS DigitalOcean youtube video I will look at various aspects and features of both cloud hosting providers.
I know most video and articles usuallu compare DigitalOcean vs AWS, or Heroku or Linode or Vultr. However in this one, we’ll see DO vs one of the most affordable VPS/Server providers.
If you have any VPS hosting questions, feel free to let me know.

Video Timeline :
Contabo VS Digital Ocean Intro : 00:04
Products Comparison : 00:32
DigitalOcean v Contabo Pricing : 3:03
Data Centers: 5:59
Dashboard Comparison: 6:51
Contabo Dashboard : 7:18
DigitalOcean Dashboard : 8:56
Droplets – Deploy a server : 11:02
Contabo Deploy a server : 16:35
About support : 20:17

In this video let’s look at Contabo versus Digitalocean; Digital ocean vs Contabo. We’re going to look at the different products. Their pricing and I’ll also talk a little bit about the data centers. Where the data centers are located. And then the dashboard.
I’m going to log into both so that you can see the difference between the two dashboards. You’re also going to see how you can spin up a server on DigitalOcean mostly. I will also talk about it on Contabo. So let’s get started. First of all let’s talk about the products. We’ll start with Contabo.

On Contabo they have virtual private servers, they have VDS and they also have dedicated servers. There are lots of servers ( dedicated servers ) you can buy from Contabo. If you come here you can look at this, you can also look at that to see the options that they have. As for virtual private servers, you’ll find that here.
If you come here under cloud VPS , these are the VPS offers. And then there’s VDS. We’re going to look at the pricing later on but for Contabo, y their products are mostly for server hosting. They also have shared hosting that you can buy from Contabo menu.

They also have domains and you can install Plesk and Cpanel. And of course you can use a windows operating system. As for operating systems, on both platforms you’ll have Linux and Windows .

I’m now here on Digitalocean. Let’s come back here. Digital ocean is a cloud hosting provider. Unlike contabo, they don’t necessarily just specialize in providing servers. They have other products as well.
You’ll see here under droplets, these are basically where you’d find your virtual machines which are vps servers. Under droplets that’s where you’ll get the the cloud vps from Digitalocean.
And then you can see they also have Kubernetes. If you want to use Kubernetes for your organization and you don’t want to use the Microsoft azure, you also don’t want to use AWS you can come here on Digitalocean and spin up kubernetes clusters. They have a Kubernetes engine that they run and you can automate almost every process as you do on any other cloud hosting provider .

You can find that here. And if you want to learn more about this you can find the documentation on Kubernetes from Digitalocean.
The are different products as you can see here. You can get your apps here. You can host your apps.
You can get database servers, managed database servers. You don’t have to worry about spinning up your own server, installing the database software, installing mysql installing postgres. All that you can do from a managed database solution with Digitalocean. Spaces.

If you need to backup various things then you can use the spaces product from Digitalocean. If you have a plugin that supports amazon s3 then you can use that plugin to use the digital ocean spaces instead.
You can see there are lots of different products here that you can use on Digitalocean.
The next thing we should look at is pricing. If you come here let’s just compare the pricing for…

I just want to do a comparison for the droplets. These are the virtual machines. You can see there are lots of different other products here. Volumes, volumes are storages that you can
attach to your virtual machines on digital ocean. If you need more space you can get volumes.
There are lots of products. Let’s just forget about all those other products and talk about droplets pricing. Under droplets as well you can see the different options. You can have droplets from AMD. If you want to use AMD or you want to use Intel, you can choose that here.

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