What Everybody Ought to Know About Cloud Security

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The Dark Side of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the world of information technology, but is cloud computing secure yet?

As we reflect, we can see it has made huge mobile technology advances possible, and has helped many companies save time, energy, and dollars on costly infrastructure.

And as it grows in popularity, costs for leveraging cloud compute power have become more affordable for everyone.

But let me warn you there is a dark side of the cloud everyone is reading about on Techcrunch and Google news.

The cloud is not an exception to the rules and there are several concerns, especially when it comes to the issue of security.

Since the magic of the cloud is controlled by invisible people in a faraway data center, there is genuine fear about the security of data.

Hackers & Crashes

There are two major concerns that always bubble up when it comes to cloud security and safety.

First, let’s talk about hackers or intruders accessing your information. Or to bring it more down to earth; what about the unauthorized staff who work for the cloud service provider? This can lead to compromise of classified or private information.

Hackers, for the most part, won’t only hack your security if you’re in the cloud; this is always a risk. However, strangers who work for the providers who are behind the firewall can really do some damage if they wanted to.

The second concern is the failure of the infrastructure which crashes your services. This has been newsworthy subject over the last year. There have even been major data losses that have crippled companies.

There is no question that this is a genuine concern but it also exists within your own data center walls!

Yes, there have been issues with losses but as cloud providers get better at service you can bet there will be less crashes, and better SLAs to protect the clients.

The answer to stability lies with the cloud service provider and before you select a cloud service to handle your precious data, read about their terms and conditions. In fact, get references and ask their customers.

You will be amazed at how safety has improved.

Obviously, it all comes down to the contract; you need to be protected in writing. So yes, the fears pertaining to security are very real – make sure you are covered in the contract or agreement you sign before you start transferring data to any services.

Furthermore, you want a cloud service provider that stores a backup copy of all your data. In addition, you need to know what procedures to follow in case of an incident was to happen and your data was compromised.

With this assurance and knowledge, maybe you’ll feel better protected. Do your due diligence and check references because some companies perform better than others. Not all cloud services are the same.

Things happen and there are no guarantees your data won’t leak out or a crash will not happen. The only guarantee you have it the contract and the word of the cloud service provider to repay you for the losses.

Finally, be especially detailed and have your legal department conduct a thorough search so you know what the laws in your area of business about cloud compliance. And what are the restrictions are in countries where the data are stored.

Is cloud computing safe?

Cloud computing has a dark side. There are still flaws and downsides despite all the benefits. But there are risks in your own data center and the risk-reward may be worth a second look, especially if you are in an industry will less restriction. Do your research, count the costs and make sure you talk to references.

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