6 Benefits of Using the Cloud

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Advantages of the Cloud

Moving to the cloud for any business is certainly bound to come with its challenges. But cloud computing is becoming a mainstream and the benefits of using the cloud far outweigh letting your competition get the upper hand.

Large companies such as NetFlix have been able to achieve their goals by taking advantage of Amazon EC2 cloud.

The Rewards of Using the Cloud

It is all about offloading and leaving the technical work to experts in the field for a seamless flow of work and activity in your business. And it is very clear that there are many benefits of using the cloud. Here are 6 value-adds that you can look forward to:

1. Tap into the Unlimited Capacity

The cloud allows you to have more productivity even if you are working with few people. This is because the output is greatly increased with less dependency on internal infrastructure and processes.

Additionally, it is a sure way to reduce wastage of resources because you only buy the service when you need it. This is unlike what companies used to do in the past when they invested inexpensive software and hardware even when they were not necessary.

In the cloud, your cost per unit is bound to what is used, making you enjoy the awesome economies of scale.

2. Reduce the Need for Maintenance

Because you do not have to deal with any infrastructure software or specialized hardware to accomplish your goals, there is no maintenance needed.

This will further save your costs on operations, enabling your business to focus these dollars on better services. However, for those who continue maintaining hosted servers, maintenance cost will still be part of OpEx.

The ideal situation is when the majority of your services are using the cloud service provider own servers, eliminating this maintenance cost.

3. Easy Access and a Global Outlook

As long as your workers have access to the internet, they can log into the cloud from anywhere in the world. This has made cloud technology versatile and has provided a new outlook that is international.

In this regard, a business can further grow globally by ensuring that all workers are well connected to the cloud and that a lot of work is done.

This global outlook for work infrastructure will be key to long-term growth.

4. Enhanced Project Scaling

Since you have access to all the projects going on in your business in the cloud, you can monitor work more effectively. This way, you will ensure that work cycles are effective and followed through.

No matter where you are, you will be kept on top of your game, making business management and monitoring a very easy task.

This has been seen to dramatically improve productivity.

5. Reduction of Technical Staff

Since the cloud systems are straightforward and easy to grasp, the need to train personnel is reduced greatly. And with a reduced workforce from not needing as many technical staff, you can invest in more competent people and ensure productivity is kept high.

The staff does not have to learn about software and hardware infrastructure, saving a lot of time as well.

6. Data Is Backed Up and Redundant

In the cloud, redundancy is key and data is always backed up. Therefore, people can conduct their business with the knowledge that there is a plan in the event of a disaster.

Conventional systems do not guarantee backup unless expensive data recovery measures are enforced. But with cloud services, you can leverage higher SLAs because of better technology.

Risk vs Reward

It is obvious that the list of benefits can go on and on.

Most companies have realized the rewards and they are using some form of cloud in their operations.

Is there a risk?

Sure there is but it is worth doing your due-diligence so that you can make an informed decision about choosing whether to use cloud services.

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