What's the Deal with Digital Ocean Freight Quoting? 🌊


Hey…If you’re searching for the What's the Deal with Digital Ocean Freight Quoting? 🌊 video, you’ve discovered it. In this step by step guide, you’ll learn secret tips from the smartest engineers…

What's the Deal with Digital Ocean Freight Quoting? 🌊

What's the Deal with Digital Ocean Freight Quoting? 🌊

There are a lot of questions around digital freight quoting and so much to sort through. 😫 Easily get all of your questions answered on our next live show! πŸ‘

Eric Johnson is back and he’s joined by Vivian Chiang, COO at BlueX Trade, the world’s first end-to-end ocean freight e-commerce platform. Together, these two powerhouse industry leaders will guide you through:

πŸ’« how platforms that enable shipping lines to digitally quote are evolving to touch other segments of the freight process
🌎 regional variances in the provision and uptake of online quoting and booking tools
πŸ“ the current state of the industry concerning actual dynamic quoting

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Want to connect with Vivian? β–Ά https://bit.ly/3BXIRyE

For more on BlueX Trade, visit β–Ά bluextrade.com
And for FarEye, head here β–Ά https://www.getfareye.com/


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