Virtualization Explained | What Is Virtualization Technology? | Virtualization Tutorial |Simplilearn


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Virtualization Explained | What Is Virtualization Technology? | Virtualization Tutorial |Simplilearn

Virtualization Explained | What Is Virtualization Technology? | Virtualization Tutorial |Simplilearn

In this video on virtualization explained, we will understand what is virtualization technology and how it is helpful to us during professional as well as personal work. In this virtualization tutorial, we will understand how virtualization takes place and what software makes virtualization possible and manage different virtual instances, along with the benefits of virtualization.

The topics covered in this what is virtualization video are:
00:00 What Is Virtualization?
03:03 What Is a Virtual Machine(VM)?
03:32 Role and Types of Hypervisor
05:25 Types of Virtualization
08:35 Benefits of Virtualization

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Virtualization is the process of designing a virtual layer to allow one or more operating systems to work on a single physical system known as the host and virtual operating system as a guest. This virtual layer is created through software known as the hypervisor, and it also manages the resource distribution among the virtual machines.

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