#shorts – VM Dropper Software Review & Bonuses


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#shorts - VM Dropper Software Review & Bonuses

#shorts – VM Dropper Software Review & Bonuses

Click here https://bit.ly/get_vm_dropper to grab VM Dropper Software.
Stop Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Every Month On Old School Marketing Methods… #shorts – VM Dropper Software Review & Bonuses
This New-Technology Software
On Each Campaign You Run!
These are just few services that
VMDropper will help you promote…
Lead Generation Services
Reputation Management
Real Estate & Financial
Local Offline Marketing
Video Creation Services
Social Media Management
SEO & PPC Services
Web Design And Development
Small Business Marketing
Mobile Apps Development
And Much, Much More…
The Solution is simple & efficient, software to
Send Voicemail Drops to promote your service!
In Just 3 Easy Steps
VMDropper Will Make Your Phone Ring!
You Will Start Receiving Calls From Potential Clients and Get New Opportunities!
Upload Your Contact List & Voice Message

Filter Your List & Send Your Voice Message


Soon after you start running your campaign, you will start receiving calls.
They will ask you to help them with their SEO, video creation, social media management, marketing, reviews and reputation management, article creation, PR services, lead generation, video ranking… and more, depending on what service or product you are promoting, there are no limits!

By dropping your promotional voice message straight into business owners’ voicemail boxes…
No More Cold Calling!
Drops Your Message Into Mobile and Landline Phones.
Cloud Based Software. No Installation Required.
Works Internationally In Over 60 Countries Worldwide.
Works on Mac & PC Computers As Well As On Mobiles.
Secure, Reliable & Around-The-Clock Support Service.
Best-In-Class B2B Client Acquisition Software.
Mobile and Landline
With VM Dropper you can send your promotional voice messages directly into mobile or landlines business voicemail boxes.
Cloud Based
Our software is Cloud based application. All you need to start generating new leads, is a web browser and internet connectivity.
International Service
While Enhanced to work for all countries, VM Dropper is specifically tuned for the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, All EU contries…
Works on Mac & PC
VM Dropper works on PC and Mac computers. No need to install any software or application on your computer, simply connect to the web and you’re ready to go.
Secure & Reliable
Your information, lists and projects are safe with VM Dropper. We implemented the latest security technology to save, encrypt, backup and protect our users data.
Legal Compliance
VM Dropper is a B2B application, it has been developed to be compliant with all federal laws. We are 100% compliant with FCC, FTC and TCPA regulations.
With over 94% Open Rate. VM Dropper will get you New Oportunities Instantly !
VMDropper Has Loads of Powerful Features
Efficient & Easy To Use Software
VM Dropper has been developed based on a very advanced technology and yet we managed to make the use of it so simple for the average marketer.
From the first look at your dashboard, you will have a clear and efficient view and access to all VM Dropper powerful modules.
VM Dialer VM Dropper
Dial, Record and Transfer your Calls
Call any prospect from any number to match your CallerID and their location.
Connect two calls… For example, you will be able to connect your Prospect to your Virtual Assistant on a call and record it.
This is powerful! You will have the ability to make your prospecting and marketing campaigns so easy to followup with.
Upload Your List , Lookup, Filter & Send
This is the heart and core of VM Dropper. Inside this powerful module you will be able to upload or manually enter your contact list phone numbers. You can also take a more in depth look at your list and filter it by mobile, landline or VoIP numbers by using the Lookup option, and then you just click on the Start button, your voice message will be sent straight into the selected contact list voicemail boxes.
Unlimited Phone Numbers Selector
Use as many phone numbers as you need, there is no restriction at all. You can use phone numbers from over 60 different countries and you can reach potential clients from over 1000 phone service providers.
On just a click, VM dropper will synchronize with your Twilio account and allows you to select any of your available phone numbers… Get ready to send in seconds!
WorldWide Timezone Selector
VM Dropper allows you to set your own timezone from all over the world. This will make your international campaigns easy to set and follow. You can work from the States, Europe, Asia, or any part of the world without having the headache of calculation if it is the right time to start sending your campaigns or not.

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