Introducing Alibi Hybrid Cloud


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Introducing Alibi Hybrid Cloud

Introducing Alibi Hybrid Cloud

Alibi Hybrid Cloud is a groundbreaking solution that lets video security dealers and integrators offer their customers cloud backup with traditional, on-premise security systems. So it combines the best features of traditional security systems with the latest performance of cloud video surveillance with NO ADDITIONAL HARDWARE. The solution is easy to setup, simple to use and ensures that critical video evidence of events is captured in the cloud when your customers need it.

The solution also comes with the latest AI-based analytics that can turn any traditional camera into a ‘smart’ camera, reducing false alarms by up to 95%. Now, your video surveillance solution can detect human and vehicle motion events with a high degree of accuracy and store that footage in the cloud.

PLUS, the solution features system health monitoring that alerts you if critical components – cameras or recorders – go offline or stop recording.

Alibi Hybrid Cloud lets you combine traditional video surveillance with the latest cloud VSaaS technology. The solution works with any IP, analog or analog-TVI solutions.

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