Implementing Virtualization for Safe and Efficient Software Testing


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Implementing Virtualization for Safe and Efficient Software Testing

Implementing Virtualization for Safe and Efficient Software Testing

Amanda Gorton is the CEO and Co-founder of Corellium, a platform that helps developer and security teams build, test, and secure mobile and IoT apps supporting iOS, Android, and Linux through ARM virtualization. Amanda was previously the Co-founder of Virtual, which Citrix acquired in 2014. She holds a master’s degree in Latin from Yale.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

• Amanda Gorton’s inspiration for co-founding Corellium
• What are virtualization services?
• How Corellium leverages virtualization to enable developers to test software
• What privacy and security standards should companies consider when utilizing virtualization services?
• How companies are solving common privacy and security challenges
• Amanda’s advice for consumers to protect their personal privacy
• How the U.S.’ lack of privacy and security regulations impact businesses and consumers
• Amanda’s ultimate privacy and security tip: pay attention!

In this episode…
When testing new software and devices, it’s necessary to provide your development team with the resources needed to conduct effective tests — but many companies rely on physical devices that get lost, broken, or compromise their employees’ personal security. So what is the most productive method to run QA and security tests?

Virtualization services allow you to conduct software and device testing by creating replicas in component-based applications. This system enables you to run multiple softwares simultaneously, ensuring maximum efficiency. And with Corellium’s ARM-based virtualization, you can protect your company’s privacy by destroying virtual devices and seamlessly performing security tests during the initial stages of development.

In today’s episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels sit down with Amanda Gorton, Co-founder and CEO of Corellium, to discuss using virtualization services to perform safe and effective software testing. Amanda talks about how Corellium employs virtualization for developers to test software, the privacy and security guidelines companies should consider when working with virtualization, and the steps companies are taking to solve the most pressing privacy and security challenges.

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