How to install the virtual pinball software


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How to install the virtual pinball software

How to install the virtual pinball software

Episode#3 Custom Virtual Pinball Cabinet Build

This video is all about installing the software needed to run our virtual pinball cabinet. I give a rough breakdown of the work that has been done in the virtual pinball community for the last 20 years and then show you my first time experience with using the Nailbuster’s All in one Baller Installer. After doing all of the individual installs and tweaking of settings to get things working right the old way on my practice build, this fresh install was definitely a smooth and easy one!

Once again, a special thank you to all of the members of the virtual pinball community who have created these wonderful programs, tables, front ends, and installers for everyone to enjoy! We could not do this with out all of your efforts!

Links I used and referred to in this video:

Nailbuster’s wiki for virtual pinball software setup (old method)

Nailbuster’s wiki for the all in one Baller Installer (new method)

7 Zip software to zip/unzip files

Baller Installer Facebook Group

Special thanks to Nailbuster and Terry Red for their inspiration and help with setting up my practice virtual pinball pc build going. Check out their channels and give them a like and a subscribe for all of their efforts! Links below.

Nailbuster Software

Terry Red

This custom virtual pinball cabinet will be one of the coolest thing I have ever made and I hope you will follow along with the video series and be inspired to create your own! I will be filming the series in the same format as I filmed the custom raspberry pi arcade cabinet series so every aspect of the build can be shown in detail.

If you have any questions about the build, please feel free to comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I hope that these videos can help someone if they want to create their own virtual pinball cabinet and if you would like to make a similar version as mine, go ahead. I will be posting all designs and plans throughout the build videos and a final video showing build costs and plans.

If you have any ideas for the theme or look of the virtual pinball cabinet, please leave a comment down below!!

Music for this very special episode by :

Thanks to Teknoaxe for his royalty free music for our intro/outro music. Please check out all of Teknoaxe’s sweet music tracks!

Intro music is Synthwave D

Outro music is Sythwave E

Way of the Wrench is looking for a collaboration with any Youtubers out there hard at work making royalty free music, just send me a message with your link for consideration.

Disclaimer: These videos are intended for entertainment and inspiration. Working in a woodshop, metalshop, or autoshop is dangerous without proper safety and experience. Always seek professional advice and training before using any power tools/machinery. If you have any uncertainty before performing any shop procedure, stop and learn a safe method/technique. Do not attempt anything simply because you saw it in one of my videos. Be smart, use common sense, respect your power tools/machines, and be safe.

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