How To Install Pi Hole On A Virtual Machine


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How To Install Pi Hole On A Virtual Machine

How To Install Pi Hole On A Virtual Machine

How To Install Pi Hole On A Virtual Machine is a video resulting from requests from a few viewers. In this video, I show how to install Pi-Hole on a virtual machine, a Synology VM.
0:00 Introduction
0:39 A Look At The Supporting Operating Systems
2:36 Installing Curl On The Ubuntu Virtual Machine
2:59 Run The Curl Command to Install Pi-Hole
4:35 PiHole Wizard Run Through
6:21 Pi-Hole Installation Completed, Access Info Provided
6:50 Attempt To Login To Pi-Hole Web Admin Page
7:20 Summary
7:33 Closing Segment
8:07 Patron Recognition

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Commands used in this video:
Install Curl – sudo apt install curl
Intall Pi-hole – sudo curl -sSL | bash


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