Enable Hybrid Cloud Application Deployment with OpDB


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Enable Hybrid Cloud Application Deployment with OpDB

Enable Hybrid Cloud Application Deployment with OpDB

Today’s successful developers understand how to take full advantage of hybrid cloud to manage tenant isolation and latency for their applications. In this video, you will learn how Cloudera’s hybrid cloud solution lets developers build an app once, and then run it wherever it makes the most sense. For example, running a latency-sensitive application in a public cloud where resources are flexible while running latency-insensitive data processing jobs on-premises, where resources are fixed. Overall operational agility is improved, and developers utilize the best features of their public and private clouds.

Key Takeaways 
* Deploy an app on an edge node and easily set up replication by deploying CDP Operational Database (COD)
* Run apps against HBase/Phoenix on premises in CDP or in the CDP Operational Database data service — with zero modifications 
* Streamline and drive efficiency with the live migration of apps that read and write data to the cloud

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