DigitalOcean VS Vultr VPS Pricing – Digital Ocean Vultr Price comparison


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DigitalOcean VS Vultr VPS Pricing - Digital Ocean Vultr Price comparison

DigitalOcean VS Vultr VPS Pricing – Digital Ocean Vultr Price comparison

DigitalOcean VS Vultr VPS Pricing – Digital Ocean Vultr Price comparison

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Hi there and welcome to another price comparison video. In the last video we compared VPS prices for Contabo and vps prices for OVH. If you need to watch that video you can watch that and see some of the things that I talked about.

In this video let’s do a price comparison between Vultr and DigitalOcean. Let’s click here on pricing to see the prices.

You can choose whatever prices you want to look at. For us let’s look at VPS prices and we can click there to look at the prices for droplets which are basically the vps options on digital ocean.

If you scroll down you’re going to see you have the basic which will give you 1gb RAM and 1 virtual cpu and 25GB NVME and 1 terabyte of monthly data transfer.

And you can also look at the one for a month and see that’s giving you 2GB. Basically twice of everything except for the CPU.

Let’s come to Vultr and look at the prices here. If you want to look at the prices for VUltr you have to choose the product that you want.

Let’s click here on cloud. Let’s just choose cloud. We have two versions of cloud. We have Cloud compute which they say is slightly slower than this but it doesn’t really matter. If you choose either of them you’ll be fine.

Let’s click on pricing to see the Vultr prices. You can see that this one starts at .50. This is just an entrance VPS. And you can see this one only has ipv6. So if you do want to run a website on that, you should probably start with this one if your budget is extremely low.

The one that is equivalent to the one for Digital Ocean is this one for five dollars. And you can see everything if you click on it. That is the one that is equivalent to this one. 1gb and this one comes with NVME.

You can come here and you can also choose high frequency. High frequency is 20 percent more expensive. So for five dollars, twenty percent plus. It’s going to be six dollars . High frequency is slightly faster they say. But if you don’t really want to increase your charges by 20%, you can just choose compute.

If you want to work with High Frequency you should. If you can afford Vultr High Frequency, always just choose it. You can see here if you come back for you’ll get 25GB and you’ll get 1GB, 1 vCPU.

Let’s just compare that to the high frequency one. You’ll see that, okay, you get 32GB on Vultr. So that’s a a plus for Vultr. And I think that runs all the way down. So 50gb for the next one 64gb.

You should probably just use Vultr because the few GBs that are there, are very important .

You never know. At some point you may have a backup and you’re not able to do the backup because you’re less a few GBs. In that case just use Vultr. Because of that .
If it were me anyway I would always choose Vultr because I’ve used them for a very long time. I’ve also used DigitalOcean for a long time and either of them is fine honestly. I’m not going to say one is way better than the other. It’s just that I like to work with Vultr.

Their pricing is almost the same as Digitalocean. The servers, I can say the servers are fast. They’re reliable servers. Hardly ever goes down. Whenever they’re going to maintain they tell you there will be maintenance going on. If it were me, I would always choose Vultr over Digital
Ocean. That is just me but if you have any reason why you’d choose digital ocean go ahead with them
because they’re also okay. Just don’t mind some of the negative reviews that you’ll see online.
Some people just have agendas. Maybe they’re promoting one platform and they like to talk badly over another so that they can promote and try to steer you towards choosing a different platform,
and I think that is wrong. So in my personal opinion either of them would be fine but if it were me i would always choose Vultr over Digital ocean, but now I can see that digital ocean offers a lot more services. You can see you can have this. Okay this has
always been there but there are a lot more features here like you can have managed Databases  .

If you go back to Let’s just click on pricing.
you’ll see that there are a lot more options. A lot more things. Okay I have to click on return. You can have managed databases. If you don’t want to deal with database servers. You have that here. You can also install Kubernetes and you can have… Okay let’s see which ones are available on Vultr .

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