Building a Multi-Cloud Data Fabric


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Building a Multi-Cloud Data Fabric

Building a Multi-Cloud Data Fabric

Data is increasingly siloed, making it harder for companies to extract the most value from their data. This is compounded by the fact that over 90% of companies plan on having hybrid cloud and or multi-cloud operations by 2022.

Watch this on-demand webinar with James Serra (Data Platform Architecture Lead at EY) where we demystify building a multi-cloud data environment for operations and real-time analytics. We cover the following topics:

Pros and cons of multi-cloud vs doubling down on a single cloud
Enterprise data patterns such as Data Fabric, Data Mesh, and The Modern Data Stack
Data ingestion and data transformation in a multi-cloud/hybrid cloud environment
Comparison of data warehouses (Snowflake, Synapse, Redshift, BigQuery) for real-time workloads

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