5 Reasons to Pick DigitalOcean for Web Hosting + $100 Free


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5 Reasons to Pick DigitalOcean for Web Hosting + 0 Free

5 Reasons to Pick DigitalOcean for Web Hosting + 0 Free

DigitalOcean is one of the most popular cloud hosting provider. Host your static website on DigitalOcean for free of cost. With DigitalOcean app platform it is very easy to host your application or website for free.

DigitalOcean offers:

●Virtual Private Servers starting at
●Storage in the form of block storage (attached
to a VPS) and “Spaces” which is object
storage, similar to AWS S3. You pay per
●Load balancers at per month
●Firewalls for your Droplets (free)
●Private networking (free)
●Floating lp’s
●Automatic backups

In few words, DigitalOcean is the best webhost because of the below features.


1. DigitalOcean has a simple control panel which allows you to deploy and manage your servers. You can spin up and down servers in less than 60 seconds.

2.DigitalOcean makes it easy for you to scale your applications by providing a rich library of resources and tools for managing resources like RAM, CPU, and storage.

3. DigitalOcean simplifies server management by providing automatic updates for your server software.

4. DigitalOcean provides 24/7 support through phone, email and live chat.

5. The advanced security features from DigitalPlanet include automatic security updates, two-factor authentication with popular service providers like Google and Facebook, a custom firewall that controls incoming and outgoing traffic to your Droplets, and dedicated private networks (for an additional fee).

6. The best part is you can host your website on digitalocean for free of cost.

By using our referral link, DigitalOcean will give you 0 in cloud credits: https://m.do.co/c/499479478787 (When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.The referral link is like a referral code. If you use it, DigitalOcean will give you 0 in cloud credits.)

How do I register and get my free promo credit?

1. Open your browser and go to https://m.do.co/c/499479478787

2. You can sign up for a new DigitalOcean account by using your email address, Google, or Github login information.

3. Add a payment method to your account, such as a credit card or Paypal, to complete the signup process after you’ve created your account.

4. Activate your account by clicking the confirmation link in your inbox to complete the process.

5. You’ll be taken to the DigitalOcean welcome page after successfully signing in.

6. To access your personal DigitalOcean control panel, left-click the “Explore our control panel” option in the top right corner. You should see text that reads “0 Promo Credit” in the top right corner of the control panel. If you move your cursor over this text, it will also show you how many credits you still have and how many days are left until your promo credit runs out.

How can you tell if you’re eligible for the complimentary promo credit?

Only new users who have never signed up for DigitalOcean’s free promo credit and have never been a paying client are eligible.

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