How Does the Cloud Work?

The Simple Truth About How Cloud Works! Photo Credit: kewl via Compfight cc CLOUD COMPUTING is transforming how businesses deliver services online. With many companies such as NetFlix leading the way, cloud has become an attractive way to focus on delivering great services instead of dealing with the nuts and bolts of technology. Hence, the cloud has […]


Exclusive Cloud Club: Your Real Reason For Migrating to The Cloud?

Photo Credit: Tim Geers via Compfight cc FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS I have been involved in multiple projects related to migrating to the cloud. In the beginning, I admit, I thought it was really cool. But as I learned more about the complexity and true motives behind all the rigor that is spent analyzing […]

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7 Reasons Why Your Competition is Using the Cloud

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6 Benefits of Using the Cloud

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What Is Cloud Computing?

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How to spell cloud computing

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